Brave Girls Bible Stories – Children’s Book {Giveaway}


During the week, the girls and I spend some time each day reading stories together. Sometimes we choose shorter books and other times Clara and I spend a week (or more) going through sections of a longer book together. Brave Girls Bible Stories is one of our newest books from Tommy Nelson and it's one of our favorites so far. As a mom of two girls, I'm excited to have this resource that teaches young girls important Bible stories with a focus on the godly women involved. The Bible stories within the book are written from the perspectives of five different modern-day girls. Faith, Glory, ... ...continue reading

Lovable Labels 5 Day Birthday Sale! {50% Off Select Items}


This week Lovable Labels is celebrating their birthday by offering up a 5 day sale event! Each day one of their best selling products will be available for 50% off! We use Lovable Labels in our house on a daily basis. We put the girls' names on many of their everyday items-- water bottles, ballet shoes, jackets, backpacks and more. We even labeled the girls' matching trick-or-treat bags this weekend as we headed out to a fall festival. Having their names on their belongings limits sisterly fighting over which belongs to who and helps items to make their way home with us at the end of ... ...continue reading

Cranberry Cream Cheese Muffins {Wilton Armetale Giveaway}


Cranberry Cream Cheese Muffins are my favorite go-to recipe for Fall. These muffins are the perfect combination of sweet-creamy cake and tart cranberry flavor. They are always well received at church potlucks and family gatherings. I first discovered the recipe back in 2007 and have made a batch at least twice per year ever since. Speaking of church potlucks, I brought a few dozen to church this past Sunday to share. The muffins were an ideal compliment to the pots of chili and beef stew other folks had contributed. Plus, they looked positively elegant on my brand new Viceroy Oval Tray from ... ...continue reading

Headleveler Junior Pillows


My girls, ages 2.5 and (almost) 4, have been using a pillow at bedtime since they were around 18 months old. Until recently, I honestly hadn't come across many toddler-sized pillows that seemed like a good fit and had resorted to giving them thin standard sized pillows made for adults. Not only are they difficult to wash but they lose their shape very quickly and offered the girls very little support.   When I came across Headleveler, a company that offers made-to-measure pillows for both children and adults, I spotted the Junior Pillows and hoped they would work well for the girls. ... ...continue reading

Buy Crystal Light at WalMart and Earn Rewards #CrystalLightWM


This is a Lunchbox sponsored post. All opinions are my own. In an effort to add more flavor to my water and stay hydrated throughout the day, I started buying Crystal Light On the Go packs. I really enjoy an ice cold glass of Crystal Light at lunchtime (so much healthier than diet soda, my old habit) and love how convenient they are to bring along in my purse or to add to a bottle of water while I'm out and about.   Crystal Light and Miranda Lambert have partnered to bring you a fantastic way to earn rewards when you buy Crystal Light products-- Platinum ... ...continue reading

Man Stuff by Josh Turner {Giveaway}


Usually the books I feature are for children, but today I'm excited to share something a little different. Man Stuff: Thoughts on Faith, Family, and Fatherhood is written by multi-platinum country music artist, Josh Turner who is a strong Christian, devoted husband and father of four boys. Beginning with a forward from Jace Robertson of Duck Dynasty, this book is geared toward husbands, fathers and men of all ages. I gifted the book to my husband who read through it within a couple of days. He enjoyed that it was a quick read made up of many short stories from Josh's life and ... ...continue reading

How to Take Your Art into the Next Dimension with Cricut

This is a sponsored post. It started out as a doodle, something small, casually tossed in the margin of your grocery list. But somehow this graphic element took over and before you knew it, it became the decorative element to everything in your world. Unfortunately all those minute details that you added make it virtually impossible to transform it into the third dimension. Not true. If you can print it, you can cut it with the Cricut Explore machine. Now with the newest feature of the Cricut Explore machine, you can choose your image (either your own or one of 50,000+ in the Cricut ... ...continue reading

Save Money & Give Back with

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Are you the parent of a college student or currently enrolled in classes yourself? If so, you know that buying textbooks can be a big expense. I know from experience that bookstore prices can be outrageous so I'm excited to share with you an alternative way to find the books you need for a great price.   Rent to Save offers books that can be rented for 40-90% less than what you'll pay to buy at the bookstore. In addition to saving money, you'll receive free shipping when you first order and then again when you return the ... ...continue reading

$100 Toys R US Gift Card Giveaway


Welcome to the $100 Toys R US Gift Card Giveaway Event Sponsored by Sprinkles Media & Magazine Hosted by Conservamom The Holidays are almost here and it's time to start thinking about what you will get loved ones on your list. Sprinkles Media wants to make it easier for one person with the $100 Toys R US Gift Card Giveaway Sponsored by Sprinkles Magazine & Media. This giveaway will allow one person the opportunity to win a $100 Toys R US Gift card to help with Holiday Shopping. In the meantime head over here and check out the October/November Issue of Sprinkles Magazine. A fun ... ...continue reading